Monday, April 27, 2009

Our New Home - Part 1

So here it is the promised pictures of our new home. Of course this is part 1 and there will have to be a part 2 later as this has taken me all day to do. I know that some of you have been here, but for Jen and Shane's family I am trying to get this done. This is the exact floor plan as the house we rented, even the color is the same. The window you see next to the garage is in my Craft/office/guest room. It is a long skinny room, but it works for me! The other set of windows sits back quite a bit and is by the front door. The house on the side is 1 of 2 two story house that our house sits between.
This is a closer view of the front yard.
This is the left side of the front of the house. As you can see we sit between 2 big two story houses. The garage is a double and is stuffed to the gills. This is the gate side and that grass you see will be taken out and made into parking for John's truck.
This is the front lawn area. That little spindly tree is the one put in when the house was built, but as far as we can tell it hasn't grown at all. We will probably take it out next year, but in the mean time we decided to put in a big flower garden around it. Of course it is still freezing here so not many flowers are blooming. There are Iris's and strawberries planted but they haven't done well. The grass was almost dead, but we put turf builder on it and it is just starting to green up the grass that wasn't completely dead. It has actually started to spread a little but it is coming back.
Our walkway to the front door is probably the best looking place in the yards. We planted Snapdragons,Marigolds,and pansy's and stock and they are doing quite well inspite of snow and freezing tempaturs. We are trying to put a sitting place in front of the windows that look into the reading area when you first walk into the house. It is very hard dirt and we haven't got it all level yet.
These pictures are of the back yard . It is a big yard for a tract home. The first picture is of the back of the house. The big sliding door on the left is the one that goes into the kitchen. The second window is the one to the family room/front room, the next window is in Desi's room and the other sliding window is into the master bed room. Picture #2 is of the length of the yard and dad is working on digging out the weeds for a 15 ft. by 48 ft. patio. It will go all the way across the back of the house. It is far enough away to the back fence that you can't see the trees and bushes that are planted across the back yard! Picture #3 is of the middle of the yard where we put a trampoline and Tether ball for the kids. The green that you see is all weeds as the lawn died out through a year long forcloser. The work in the back will take quite a while to make it look good!
This is the kitchen. The refrigerator is on the right wall as you walk in the room. Kathy and Gabe are standing right beside it and in front of the stove and microwave. The room curves as you can see and the sink is right past the end of the picture. The dish washer is right after the sink with the small pantry beside it.
The left hand wall has the trash can and dog and cat food beside it. Then the big sliding door to the back yard. The kitchen counters are small, but the kitchen is open so there is plenty of room. This is the living room or more correctly the family room as we don't have a fancy place to be used for a formal living room. As you can see it is a very small area for all our living room furniture but this is the way the house is designed. The the rented house all the rooms were carpeted and so we had this room as the dinning room since it is right off the kitchen and it made more since to us. But this house has the dinning room tiled so we decided to use it as it was designed. Here you see the grand kids on the couch that backs up to the kitchen. Behind Desi and Gabe you can see the kitchen with Kathy and Grandma Beth in the background. The big sliding window goes right out to the backyard. The big light area behind McKenzie is the window in the living room. The room is small, but it works for us. This is Desi's room from the doorway on the left hand wall. Her dresser sits right by the door, next to the dresser there is a big chair that Desi uses to put her favorite stuffed animals in. Desi's bed sits across the wall that you see as you walk in the door. Her bed almost takes up the whole wall. Right behind Desi is a window and at the end of the bed is a hamper. Along the right hand wall sits her night stand with lamp and next to it is her desk and computer. Her closet is on the same wall as the door. As you might be able to tell, these rooms are quite small. We haven't done any painting yet as all our money is going into a patio and walkway right now.
This is Gabe's room seen from the doorway. You are looking at the back wall.The desk with the computer on it is about six inches from his dresser and goes to the window that ends that wall.
This is Gabe's bedroom as you walk in the doorway. To your right is the closet with the dresser, TV, Play station 2 and receiver for satellite. The red and blue at the top is a big sailboat kite hanging over the dresser. that is the end of that wall...
...On the left hand side of the door is my sewing machine as there was no where else to put it. As you can see from the picture, I still need to put up the book shelves and change over from winter clothes to summer. About 7 or 8 inches from the sewing machine is Gabe's bed along the wall. It goes along most of the wall and there is a lamp at the foot of his bed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

You don't to see pictures of Grandma Beth very often as she hates her picture taken. I think she is mellowing out in her old age though as she let me get this picture of her and Luke while at our Easter Egg Hunt. They make a great picture don't you think!

Special Pictures

We went to Las Vegas for Brooke's Mom's furnal. While we were there we were able to spend some time with our grandkids and get to know them a little bit more. Alex is really funny and kept us in stiches with his jokes. The last time we saw the kids they were much younger and Alex was a real hand full, but this time he was such a little gentalman and we really enjoyed time with him.
Emily is a real girly girl! She is oh so cute and likes her hair done up and beautiful dresses. We got to see her dance for us and play with Amy's kids. She is fun to hug and read stories to!
This picture is of Andrew and Abbie. They played really well together. He is such a spliting image of Shane and so fun to watch as he follows the older kids around He even let us hold him durning the service. I will never forse myself on my grandkids, but I sure do like it when they will give me hugs and kisses on their own
While we were there we were able to get this cute picture of their family. We finally got our pictures up on the wall after 2 years of not putting them up. We are trying to just have a recent family picture as we don't have enough room any more for sperate pictures for every one.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Blogger

Because of all of my family that I don't see often enough, I have decided to really learn how to do this. Shane and Brooke helped me to get started, but there is so much that I don't understand yet. If any of you are so inclinded to help me out I would like it very much. In my next blog I hope to have pictures of our new home.

The John Hansen Family 2008

This is a picture taken just before we had to move out of our old home.